Producer / Promoter

Since 2014, I work as a scriptwriter, director and events producer. My tasks are e.g. writing and implementing detailed script with time codes, directing modules of audio&video, directing TV signal, directing stage & scenography. Also: cooperation with announcer, directing conference modules and technical production.
Selected events:


T-Mobile Electronic Beats (Gorillaz, Justice, Maribou State, Meute) [2017-2018]

Role: Production Manager
Place: Warsaw
Modules: building the stage (ground support, trusses, mojo, crossovers etc), as well as logistics of trucks and coaches (4+4). Also: installation and dismantling (stage, sound, lights, video). 
Audience: 1500

Kuba Wojewódzki - TV show, premiere of "Początek" by Man's Play Orchestra (2018)

Role: producer
Place: TV studio Transcolor, Warszawa
Audience: 200 on the spot + TV viewers (exact number unknown, however counted in milions)
Modules: coordination of soundcheck and show of the band, mix audio for TV, mix audio FOH, backline, : prób i występu artystów, miksu audio dla TV, miksu audio front, backline, stage design

Ceremony of opening the KTW building in Katowice (2018)

Role: script writer, director
Place: KTW I, Katowice
Partcipants: 500
Modules: writing the script and directing the event, writing texts for hosts, multimedia, stage management for the concert (Monika Borzym), coordinarting dance choreography for dancers on the building's walls... s

Grand Opening of Volkswagen Crafter factory (2016)

Place:  Crafter Factory,  Września, Poland
Audience: 800
Modules: scriptwriting and directing the event, detailed script for announcers (writing their texts), directing the media, directing dance choreography, directing the concert (Adam Sztaba Orkiestra),  TV signal.


Computer Games Fair - Warsaw Games Week (2016-2017)

Place: EXPO XXI, Warsaw (12 000m2 area)
Amount of exhibitors companies: 48
Modules: designing the fair, 3 halls, coordinating of inside stands, technical producer, executive producer, clients consultant, installing and dismantling coordinator. 


Opening of European Championships of Men's Hand Ball (2016)

Place: Tauron Arena, Cracow
Audience: 15 000.
Modules: script coordinator


As a promoter, I have organised several hundreds of gigs & shows, in Poland and abroad. I deal with overall production of artistic events. My job is connected with artists booking, contracts negotiations, stage-PA-lights organisation (+riders, backline), logistics coordination, up to marketing and PR.
I am cooperating with reputable stage companies, as well as with photographers, cameraman, stylists and stage designers.

Selected projects:

Męskie Granie (Man's Play Festival), alternative stage [2016]

Since 2016, the Man's PLay Festival has gained second stage, called alternative. Following Polish artists appeared: 
Natalia Nykiel | Iza Lach | Rebeka | Miloopa | Rasmentalism | The Stubs | Fair Weather Friends | Zamilska | Dick 4 Dick | HDYA



Everlast European Tour 2014 (Poland)

I promoted polish part of european tour of E verlast, betweeen 14th and 19th of November 2014. We played in 5 cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow & Wroclaw.



Taste of Lublin Festival (2014-2016)

Omega | Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar | Voo Voo | Sztywny Pal Azji | Chluba | Bubliczki | Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra | Dzambo Agusevi Orkestar | A-WA | Wattican Punk Ballett



Inne Brzmienia Art'n'Music Festival Lublin-Lviv (2010 - 2013)

Different Sounds Festival (Lublin, PL) has been an artistic project dedicated to music and various arts lovers. Within years 2008-2013 it operated in the range of  4 – 9 days and it was the greatest musical and artistic festival in eastern Poland. About 30 000 participants contributed to that event, every year. From 2014 it works in other formula.

Selected headliners (2010-2013)

Balkan Beat Box | Watcha Clan | Arrested Development | Trilok Gurtu | Dubioza Kolektiv | Giulia Y Los Tellarini | Babylon Circus | Ebo Taylor | Boom Pam | Russkaja | Los de Abajo | Kiril Dzajkovski


The Rise of Eastern Culture: Integrations Festival (2013)

Lublin is going to kidnap Europe to the East. Festival Integrations create the space for exchanging artistic ideas between partners from the East and West of Europe, sharing experience and artistic skills, and finally for joint implementation of artistic as well as social and cultural projects.

Selected headliners:

Dubioza Kolektiv | Messer Chups | Miąższ | Hycz Orkiestra | Port Mone | Me & My Monkey