It's time to summarize 2018. I have participated in number of interesting events. These are most important:

* Męskie Granie Tour, Poland (stage manager)
* Kuba Wojewódzki Show, premiere of single "Początek" by MGO (producer)
* T-Mobile Electronic Beats, Warszawa (production manager)
* Pol'and'Rock Festival, Kostrzyn (tour manager, musician)
* Projekt Tymczasem EB, Kraków (stage manager)
* KTW Grand Opening, Katowice (script writer, director)
* Meeting of leaders of Otodom, Warszawa (script writer, director)
* OLX Know How 2018, Poznań (script writer, director)
* PIN Conference, Skopje - Macedonia (DJ)
* Baltic Balkan, Vilnius/Kaunas - Lithuania (DJ)

You can read and watch more in particular divisions on this page!


During this year's edition of Warsaw Music Week I will lead a workshop entitled "Efficient practise on stage during concerts and festivals", including topics:

* Getting to know and explaining stage vocabulary  (FOH, PA, IEM, backline, risers, lightplot)
* Rider – how to prepare it, how to read it
* Cooperation with stage crew (backline, stage hands, stage manager, engineers)
* Timetables, the practises of soundchecks and linechecks
* Crisis situations: stopping the concerts due to extreme weather conditions and other untypical issues

Date: 14.12.2018, 16:45 CET

Place: House of Bracia Jabłkowscy, Bracka 25 Street, Warszawa.

Note: this workshop will be in Polish language!



Tara Boom is producing a New Years Eve party in Gdynia, Poland. This is happening for the 3rd time in a row. Following artists will perform: Organek, Bovska, Kiev Office and DJs. The party is outside (Kosciuszko square), entrance is free. Start 21:00 CET.





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