Tara Boom is an enterprise set up by Janek Taraszkiewicz who is producer, stage manager, organizer, promoter of culture and DJ who comes from and operates in Poland and other countries.

Janek Taraszkiewicz:

First, I have worked as a freelancer, than cooperated with Kiton Art R.I.P Mirosław Olszówka and Filek-Art Dariusz Filozof. During the summer season I also cooperate with companies LIVE (Man's Play), and Stowarzyszenie Akuku Sztuka. I am working with best companies in this business, while having broad contacts in the industry.


Selected projects:

  • Stage manager for festivals: Męskie Granie (Man's Play 2010-2018), WOMEX (2017), Cudawianki (2011-2018), Red Bull Music Weekender (2016), Orange Warsaw Festival (2015), Transvisualia, CudaWianki, ArtLoop and others.
  • Production Manager (T-Mobile Electronic Beats pres. Gorillaz feat. De La Soul, Jamie Principle, Peven Everet, Justice, Maribou State, Meute) [2017-2018]
  • I have projected and produced computer games fair - Warsaw Games Week (2015-2017). 
  • Executive producer and promoter of Everlast European Tour (2014), Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival Lublin-Lviv. (2010 - 2013), Integrations Festival (East of Culture-2013), Man's Play (2016), European Taste Festival (2014-2016)
  • I wrote scenarios/scripts and I have directed/produced following events: The Opening of Volksvagen Factory in Poland, 20th Anniversary of Carrefour in Poland, 20th Anniversary of L&R in Poland, Reebok Fitness Camp, OLX, Otodom, KTW Grand Opening, Anwil and others. I am able to prepare the script correctly, usuing time codes as well as lead the team of stage, sound, lights, video. I am also responsible for cooperation with annoucers. (2014-2018)
  • I lead workshops concerning efficent work on stage as well as crisis situations (extreme weather, panics etc)
  • I have been performing as DJ Ya-Neck since 1999. On my account there are national and foreign performances and events in countries like Brazil, USA, Great Britain or Balkans. I mostly perform in the stylistics of house, samba, salsa, funk, jazz and balkan beat.
  • I have released a CD called "East of Culture" that is a compilation and musical summary of the project (2014)
  • I worked as reporter and presenter for Radio Centrum 98.2 in years 1999-2008. My author’s programme Polifonia has been on air for 16 years (tull 2018). . I have also cooperated with Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio Lublin S.A. and MM Moje Miasto weekly magazine. I have written a book that is a collection of interviews with musicians and is enclosed to the album of Harmonia project (published by Agora S.A., 2010).
  • As a manager and tour manager I have cooperated with such bands as: Dubioza Kolektiv, Manu Chao, Everlast, Sambasim, Barbosa Trio, Voo Voo, Waglewski & Maleńczuk, Harmonia, Sex Machine Band [2010-2015]
  • I have also performed as a musican of various groups such as In Tenebries, Ania, Scena Pusta, Słoma i Bębnoluby,  Sambasim, Dekompresja (1993-2007).
  • Privately, I am interested in history and culture of ex-Yugoslavia countries, as well as various travels and water sports.


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